Ways of treating your body with warm water

Hydrotherapy known to relieve pain, to purify, tone your body. It is passable on the various tanks to maintain hot water like: baths, showers, sauna, spa and Jacuzzi. If you do not have it yet, there are plenty of hot tubs for sale at tropicspa.com. Hydrotherapy is a natural method that uses water in different forms - liquid, vapor, ice at various temperatures. The therapeutic properties of water have been recognized since antiquity to purify, revitalize and tone the body, but also to relieve some pain. There are 2 different ways to treat your body with warm water.

  1. The hydrotherapy

Water has effect on the blood circulation. These effects vary with the temperature of the water. The skin contains innumerable nerve endings that transmit to the brain the indications of hotting and cold. The brain then plays a thermoregulatory role to maintain body temperature at 37 ° C.

The application of cold water on the skin leads to narrowing of the capillaries. The information is immediately received by the nervous system, which signals the body to compensate for this cooling by immediately sending warm blood to the skin. The caliber of the vessels increases to let the blood pass: it is the vasodilatation.

  1. The balneotherapy

Balneotherapy includes all the treatments and treatments performed by baths. It is mainly offered in a thalassotherapy center or in a spa treatment, but can be practiced at home.

The hydromassage bath is ideal for activating the venous circulation. The orientation of the jets creates water currents that follow the venous circulation and the anatomical distribution of the nozzles practice a skin reflexotherapy.

The hot tub, called bubble bath, is massaging and soothing. It is indicated if you are subject to edema and engorgement, especially in areas affected by cellulite.

The warm bath (between 26 and 35 ° C) is soothing.

The hot bath (between 35 and 40 ° C) is the most relaxing. Take it at least three hours before bedtime because to sleep well, your temperature should decrease, which is not the case after a hot bath.

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