How to Enjoy Your Heated Hot Tub Spa More

After a long day of work, there is nothing better than getting into your jacuzzi spa and relaxing. However, jacuzzi spas can get old after awhile. If you are looking for ways to enjoy your jacuzzi more, then this article will help! We have 5 tips that will enhance the experience in your jacuzzi spa. The first tip is to get rid of the strong chemical smell by using natural products like lemon or lavender essential oils mixed with water. Next, don’t forget about music! Music sounds best when it's played through underwater speakers so make sure they are near the jacuzzi where you can hear them clearly while sitting in the tub. Another way to enhance your jacuzzi spa experience is to add a jacuzzi heater timer. This will turn off the jacuzzi at night so you don’t waste energy heating an empty jacuzzi tub and keep it warm for when you get up in the morning or come home from work. The last tip we have includes buying jacuzzi accessories like rubber duckies, floating candles, colorful towels, bubbles and much more! All of these tips combined with our jacuzzis should help improve your enjoyment level while relaxing in your hot tubs spa!

How can jacuzzis be turned off at night to save energy for those who use it in the morning or after work?

Which essential oils go well with water and which jacuzzi accessory would that pair nicely with?

Where should music speakers be placed so they can play loud enough through the jacuzzi water but not too loudly as to feel like you're sitting on a speaker when relaxing inside of your spa tub.

There are jacuzzi attachments, like speakers or small LED lights that you can install to make your jacuzzi more enjoyable.













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