Make the most of water treatments

For thousands of years, humans have used hot water for its therapeutic qualities. The hot bath has been adopted by many cultures and civilizations (Roman, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Nordic, Egyptian, Indian ...). To revitalize and rejuvenate: home therapy made possible. For this, a jacuzzi for sale would be beneficial.

Water therapies

Therapies that use water as a raw material for the application of care can take many forms. They include: sensory vessels, floating baths, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, thermotherapy, but exclude baths and showers of domestic type.

Bath with air jets and water

It combines the strengths of forced-air baths and hydromassers to activate blood and lymphatic circulation. It is an excellent complement to wraps.

Bath with air jets

In a water bath, massage the whole body with a multitude of air jets. The slight bubbling provides a superficial massage for general relaxation.

Seaweed bath

This technique consists of adding algae powder or wet algae to the bath water. In addition to relaxing, it helps remineralize the body, promotes the elimination of toxins and helps relieve muscle tension. It leaves on the skin a sensation of velvet. Combines the beneficial and soothing effects of balneotherapy with the virtues of algae.

Bath with essential oils

Integrated in a bath, depending on the choice of essential oils, they can reduce fatigue, help tone, reduce muscle pain, counteract insomnia and relax. The choice of oils is made according to the needs of the person.

Floating bath

The sensation of weightlessness represents a unique experience. In an entirely natural way, you float effortlessly in a silky water at controlled temperature, including over 2000 cups of Epson salt, also known for its therapeutic and soothing properties. Comfortably lying in an egg-shaped cabin, your body is free from gravity and lets go from the deepest of yourself a pure sensation of relaxation. The floating bath is a great relaxation treatment for pregnant women. Imagine your body in a state of weightlessness.

So, the benefits of a therapy spa are many. Basic, they aim to relieve your muscle pain naturally and gently. Also, they can be used as a supplement in a treatment to relieve or cure mental illnesses.

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