Ways to treat your hot tub water

You can not fully enjoy the spa's benefits if the equipment is not well maintained. It is also the same for the water with which one shower, if it is not well treated, one risks to catch diseases with. But how to treat spa water? This mission can be complex if you have no idea about the treatment of water. Here is a small guide.

How to treat spa water?

The treatment of spa water logically goes through the filtering, balancing and use of disinfectants. Usually, chlorine is used to treat spa water. It is the same product that is used to treat the pool water. But it can be said that this product is not really suitable for treating spa water. Fortunately, we can find other products such as bromine, UV, ozone, PHMB or active oxygen to treat spa water. To properly dose the products, it is better to know the volume of the spa in m3. A professional in tub accessories can give important advice in this regard. It can also sell dosers or containers to measure the products to be added to the spa water.

The pH of spa water: why is it important?

Before deciding what product to use for spa water maintenance, you should know the pH of the water. It's about measuring the level of acidity in the water.

The best pH in is between 7.2 and 7.4 for pools and spa waters knowing that the neutral pH is 7.

An expert in tub accessories can say that a small variation in the pH of the spa water can have severe impacts on water quality. An overly acidic pH makes the water too aggressive and a pH that is too basic invalidates the action of the products.

Fortunately, there are products called spa pH correctors that can be used to regulate the pH of the water. A higher pH should be used to increase and a lower pH to lower. It all depends on the results of the analysis done beforehand.

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